1.  Availability of bilingual personnel (English and Spanish)

2.  An administrative adviser to take personal care of the customer

3.  Orientation to cover all the legal requirements: Drug Test Random Test Program Medical Card Home Land Security background check (through fingerprints) Log book compliance DMV clean record DMV print out DMV driver permit DMV license (Class A or B)

4.  Class room instruction with professional instructors

5.  Air conditioned class room with utilities and clean rest room and supplies

6.  Class room material and supplies

7.  Coffee room and supplies

8.  Commercial Driver License (CDL) hand book and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations link to study

9.  Use of a computer to practice the class exercises and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) test

10.  Behind the wheel instruction with two professional instructors

11.  Use of a truck and trailer to practice the class and DMV test

12.  Clean and safe equipment with insurance and license plates

13.  Assistance with job placement

14.  And more…..